What we do

To compliment the Legal Aid Services and to provide a holistic approach in enhancing the status of women in Ghana, FIDA-Ghana does the following;

a. Pursues legal literacy programs aimed at the simplification, interpretation and translation (into local languages) of legislation, particularly those that affect women and children,

b. Runs mobile legal outreach programmes to educate women in the remote rural areas on their human rights and the laws which affect them,

c. Advocates and lobbies for the amendment and passage of gender sensitive legislation,

d. Initiates research into socio-legal issues affecting the status of women and children.

e. Sensitizes Ghanaian society on gender-related issues of global concern and, in particular, highlights and promotes departures from oppressive customs.

f. Establishes networks and links with other developmental groups for the advancement of women.

In pursuance of these other objectives, members of FIDA Ghana offer themselves to speak to groups and institutions on current trends in the law. We have successfully gone to target groups at their places of work or their regular meeting places and fitted ourselves into their every day programme.

Also in pursuance of its educational policy, the Legal Aid Programme has had a variety of educational programmes for the public ranging from formal seminars to meeting with women in the market place. Members of FIDA Ghana continue to be available.

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