Kezia Kenneth Azumah

Kezia Kenneth Azumah is a Lawyer for the past 8 years, with a first degree in management studies from UCC in 2002.

The Lord specifically asked her to read law when she attended Shiloh 2006 and her husband graciously paid the fees and supported the agenda.

She is a member of the Ghana Bar association and the Greater Accra Bar.

She is a board member of FIDA Ghana; an executive member of Christian Lawyers Fellowship, Ghana. She also represents English Speaking West Africa in the Advocate Africa (Christian Lawyers) in Africa

She is a co-Founder of Light in Law Ministry (A ministry that ministers to the spiritual growth of young Christian Lawyers)

She is also a Partner and Lawyer at a newly founded Law office called Light Associates Unlimited.

She is a general Legal Practitioner with active practice in Family Law, Land Law & Employment Law

She is happily married to Kenneth Azumah for the past 12 years, a Software Engineer with Passion in Machine Learning and they are blessed with three sons and a lovely princess

Her family currently attends Qodesh Family Church, Accra, Ghana