FIDA uses technology as a tool for law and development. FIDA envisions in the near future where access to justice means that a potential litigant can easily find legal information about her rights, apply for legal aid electronically, talk to a legal aid attorney over her tablet computer, find and complete the forms she needs to file in court.

The core of the project is the knowledge and belief that technology is a key driver for improving public service delivery and demanding accountability from state actors. The web application mashed-up with social media including Whatsapp lends itself to this, as feedback on the quality of services rendered by law enforcement staff can be documented and shared for the improvement in services.

SMS platforms will present the opportunity to transfer legal knowledge to women.  FIDA staff will also be able to collate women’s experiences that would show how the justice delivery system is performing and share it with justice actors.

Capacity of persons with various disabilities enhanced to report cases of abuse through the use of mobile technology.

Fifteen (15) persons with various forms of disability including women have been trained to use STAR-Ghana SMS platform to engage with Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit and a Legal Aid Officer for the report of human rights abuse and for legal advice.



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